Grow your business with the Neurowork program.

The 3 objectives of Neuro-work:

More performance I More sales I More well-being

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Understanding the brain mechanisms behind motivation to effectively support your teams.

Positive emotions have a positive impact on performance. Implement concrete tools to create a more positive atmosphere within the team.

It is difficult to achieve a goal if it is not properly defined. Learn how to set clear and motivating goals for the brain.

Embody your leadership posture and communicate clearly and effectively by addressing the reptilian brain of your team.

Use neuroscience to help your teams step out of their comfort zones.

Reframe positively and effectively with neuroscience.

Being a leader also involves conveying messages and resolving conflicts. Discover the 4 steps of positive communication.

Effectively support all members of your team through the coaching manager posture.



Did you know, for example, that by engaging all 4 parts of our brain, we have 7X more chances of achieving our goals?

Engage the left brain, the right brain, the cerebellum, and the midbrain for 7 times more chances of achieving your goal.

Become aware of the power of your thoughts on your daily life and regain control.

Neuroscience techniques to finally free yourself from limiting beliefs and overcome your fears.

Learn to tame your stress like a high-performance athlete with the ICERU method.

Understand how trust works and how to develop it.

Become more impactful in your verbal, non-verbal, and Zoom communication through the discoveries of neuroscience.

Gain efficiency by learning what your brain needs to be effective.



Understanding the brain mechanisms behind motivation to effectively support your teams.

70% of the sales depend on the mindset of the salesperson. Discover neuroscience tools to increase motivation, transform beliefs, manage stress, and overcome fears.

The cognitive biases you absolutely need to know to influence your client and make better decisions.

If you think you make purchases in a logical and rational manner, you are mistaken! It is emotion that triggers the buying process. Discover how to create emotion through storytelling.

A good self-awareness is fundamental to achieve a high level of performance. Become aware of your behaviors in order to control them.

Asking the right questions to get the right answers and prompt your client to take action.


No sale without trust. Neuroscience techniques for building trust.

Changing your perception of objections and countering them with neuroscience.



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