Boost your business with neuroscience



Fais décoller ton business indépendant grace aux neurosciences: les bons outils, les techniques de vente qui  fonctionnent et un mindset de champion


Do you finally want to take off with your independent business?

I’m sharing with you the secrets of neuroscience to help you achieve that. 🚀


 NEURO-PRENEUR coaching is for you if:

✅ You are an entrepreneur/freelancer and you are not comfortable with sales.

✅ You feel that it limits the growth of your business.

✅ You are looking for practical and effective tools that you can apply immediately.

✅ You are looking for tools to increase your influence (spoiler: neuroscience!).

✅ You want to work on your sales approach to gain confidence.

✅ You want to test mental preparation techniques to strengthen your mindset.



Package 1: TOOLS 🌶️


✅ 3 video sessions with me & homework to be completed between sessions.

✅ Creation of your elevator pitch (the foundation!).

✅ Discover the 6 stimuli of influence from the reptilian brain for an impactful message.

✅ Essential cognitive biases to know for persuasion.

✅ Creation of your pitch deck presentation.


Package 2: TOOLS & SALES 🌶️🌶️


✅ A total of 6 video sessions with me & homework to be completed between sessions.

✅ Includes Package 1: TOOLS.




✅ Learn to effectively present your pricing with neuroscience.

✅ We work on your sales posture

✅ Define your extraordinary offer.

✅ Sell more easily with neuroscience:

  • Connecting with anyone
  • Storytelling to evoke emotions.
  • Client discovery and the art of questioning.
  • Handling objections, resistance criteria, and closing.


✅ Build your tribe to avoid having to sell!


Package 3: TOOLS, SALES & MINDSET 🌶️🌶️🌶️


✅ A total of 9 video sessions with me & homework to be completed between sessions.

✅ Includes Package 1: TOOLS & Package 2: SALES.



✅ Reprogramming your brain to overcome barriers

(we will be working on your fears and your limiting beliefs ).

✅ Managing stress and emotions in client meetings.

✅ Mental preparation techniques.


Special Launch Prices ❤️


TOOLS:  ✅ €500

TOOLS & SALES: ✅ €800


(Prices including taxes)


It may be a small detail for you, but it means a lot to me…

✅ Payment in installments (1, 2, or 3) is possible – contact me directly to discuss.

✅ Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back: If after the first session you decide it’s not for you, I will refund you.


Are you ready to take off with your business?


✅ Yes, I want to do it. I’ll book my spot now.


❌ I’m still unsure. 🧐


👉🏻 I’ll schedule a time to ask you my questions.

👉🏻 I’ll send my questions via email to

👉🏻 I’ll call you: +33 (0)6 82 82 65 34.




Additional information

Devenir Neuro-solopreneur

Formule les OUTILS, Formule les OUTILS et la VENTE, Formule les OUTILS, la VENTE et le mental


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